Personal and Lyric Essays

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Academic Essays

New Thoughts on the Black Arts Movement

“Blackness in Present-Future Tense: Broadside Press, Motown Records and Detroit Techno”
New Thoughts on the Black Arts Movement
Editors Lisa Gail Collins and Margo Natalie Crawford
Rutgers University Press (2006)
390 pages

New Thoughts on the Black Arts Movement includes essays that reexamine well-known figures such as Amiri Baraka, Larry Neal, Gwendolyn Brooks, Sonia Sanchez, Betye Saar, Jeff Donaldson, and Haki Madhubuti. In addition, the anthology expands the scope of the movement by offering essays that explore the racial and sexual politics of the era, links with other period cultural movements, the arts in prison, the role of Black colleges and universities, gender politics and the rise of feminism, color fetishism, photography, music, and more. An invigorating look at a movement that has long begged for reexamination, this collection lucidly interprets the complex debates that surround this tumultuous era and demonstrates that the celebration of this movement need not be separated from its critique.

Crossing Waters, Crossing Worlds

“After the Death of the Last: Performance as History in Monique Mojica’s Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots”
Crossing Waters, Crossing Worlds
Editors Sharon Holland and Tiya Miles
Publisher: Duke University Press (2006)
392 pages

Crossing Waters, Crossing Worlds explores the critically neglected intersection of Native and African American cultures. This interdisciplinary collection combines historical studies of the complex relations between blacks and Indians in Native communities with considerations and examples of various forms of cultural expression that have emerged from their intertwined histories. The contributors include scholars of African American and Native American studies, English, history, anthropology, law, and performance studies, as well as fiction writers, poets, and a visual artist.

2001  “Turning the Neighborhood Inside Out: Imagining
a New Detroit in Tyree Guyton’s Heidelberg Project,”
TDR, Volume 45, Number 4 (T 172), Winter

Volume 45, Number 4 (T 172), Winter